Eatonville Town Shoppe rendering

Eatonville Town Shoppe Center

The Eatonville Town Shoppes is a conceptual mixed-use project and senior housing facility presently being proposed on old Smith Motel property combined with potential sites presently owned by Macedonia Church. This proposed project seeks to accomplish much needed economic development and job creation within the CRA District. Additionally, this project seeks to establish a community collaborative with community stakeholders for economic development successes.

Kennedy Boulevard Master Plan

The Kennedy Boulevard Master Plan is conceptually designed to become a pedestrian friendly corridor. On the eastside of Interstate 4 the Master Plan seeks to improve the streetscape design by widen sidewalks, reduce landscape and canopy, add information kiosks, improve intersections, narrow traffic lanes and enhance on-street parking areas. While the westside of Kennedy Blvd is part of a road widening project with Orange County things like utility grounding, enhanced landscaping, gateway pillars and tree canopy was added to make travel through the Town of Eatonville and CRA District seem seamless uniting both corridors. Additionally, the Master Plan show the Municipal Cultural Complex. This conceptual seeks to address several needs and repurpose property which will be given to the Town of Eatonville by Orange County Public Schools.

Kennedy Blvd Master Plan rendering
Denton Johnson Center Master Plan

Denton Johnson Center Master Plan

The Denton Johnson Masterplan depicts a complete revitalization and redevelopment of Denton Johnson Park located on the Southwest Corner of Ruffel St and S. West Avenue. Proposed amenities and enhancements include a new community/wedding banquet venue, butterfly garden, restroom buildings throughout the park, an open lawn with an amphitheater to be used for occasional social events, playgrounds, and splash pads.

Restoration of the Historic Trail

The Historic Trail Markers were initially installed in 1995 with a Department of Historical Resources grant awarded to the Association to Preserve the Eatonville Community, P.E.C. Each marker comprised of historic facts and land markers of Eatonville, creating an immersive journey through the development of the oldest municipality incorporated by African Americans. 20+ years later, the CRA Board approved the restoration and instillation of the signs. Since the project’s completion visitors from afar have explored Eatonville using the Historic Trail Markers as their guide. For more info, visit Dust Tracks on a Road Historic Trail Tour.
Eatonville Historic Trail marker